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Spray Painting

Spray PaintingSpray painting refers to painting using a device that sprays the  paint. 

A basic spray painting system consists of a conventional spray painting gun, a pressurized paint container, a compressed air system, and flexible tubes connecting them all together. This type of system has transfer efficiency ranging between 20% and 50%. Improper setup and painting techniques will increase the amount of paint used and cost involved.

There are several different technologies for doing this

  • Canned spray paint
    The most common type in the consumer market is an aerosol can of spray paint.

  • Semi-professional spraypainting
    There are a variety of hand-held paint sprayers that either combine the paint with air, or convert the paint to tiny droplets and accelerate these out from a nozzle.

  • Professional spraypainting
    Automobile body shops use air compressors and specialized equipment to spray paint onto a car body. This can be expensive, with a high-quality car paint job costing from $2000 to $5000. The high cost is due to the high quality paints, the laborious nature of surface preparations, and the cost of the equipment to do this task.
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